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Skip the line!

When I am on vacation, the last thing I want to is spend all my time standing in line. I have learned some ways to minimize the time spend standing in lines.

Get TSA PreCheck Whenever you have to go through Airport security, the TSA PreCheck line is usually a shorter line. It is also easier to go through the line since you don't have to take off your shoes and belt or take our your computer. It is a fairly easy process to get eh TSA PreCheck. Just go here and complete the form. Then schedule your appointment for the interview which takes about 10 minutes. Then you too can take the shorter line and save yourself some time on your next trip.

Get Global Entry If you travel internationally, then Global Entry will save you lots of time. When you come back to the US, then going through Customs will become much quicker. The apply for Global Entry, go here to start the process.

Get Clear Clear is a new program that stores your Bio-metric information and lets you bypass certain lines at the airport. Usually, the first line you have is for the TSA agent to check your ID and Boarding Pass to then go into the scanning lines. Clear will let you go to a machine that will scan your iris and/or your fingerprints and let you go right on to the scanning. If you use this in combination with the TSA PreCheck, then security can become a breeze. To start the application for Clear, just go here. As a bonus, other companies, like Hertz Car Rentals, are also adopting Clear as a way to speed up check-out.

Buy Line Skipping Tickets My favorite way to skip the line is to pre-purchase tickets to attractions that I will be visiting on my trip. Imagine going to Rome to visit the Colosseum. While others are standing in line to buy tickets (which can take over an hour) you could walk right in with your ticket. Then, once you are finished, you are off to the next attraction while many are still in line waiting to buy their tickets. This is the one where having a Travel Advisor will really help. I can help you out be getting these tickets. And I love doing this for you so that you get to have more time enjoying your day instead of standing in line.If you are ready to start planning your next trip, and you don't want to spend your precious vacation time waiting in line, then let me help you. You can reply to this email or Click Here to start the process.

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