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Oh the reasons to love Christmas cruises!

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

A Christmas cruise can be a wonderful experience for you and your family! Especially if you’ve grown weary of snow-laden Christmases! Trade in snow boots for flip flops as you cruise destinations such as Mexico, The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Enjoy twinkling stars, sparkling lights, beautiful holiday decorations and all the festivities of the season. Christmas cruises are packed with lots to do onboard and at the incredible ports of call.

Family Time

When families typically get together for the holidays, it always involves work. Cooking, cleaning, decorating, driving out-of-town family around. But when you’re on a cruise, you actually get to enjoy each other’s company.


If you ask most people if they’d rather shovel snow or go snorkelling, we’re betting most would opt to go snorkelling! While your neighbors may be buried under a foot of snow, you can soak up the sun poolside or enjoy a tropical cocktail underneath a palm tree.

On board Entertainment

We think holiday entertainment at sea is the best! Watching all your favorite Christmas movies, enjoying Holiday Shows put on by talented dancers and singers. It really does make for great family memories!

Christmas Shopping

If you didn’t get all of your Christmas shopping before your cruise, no worries! Grab a few bottles of Tequila in Cozumel and bags of coffee from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica for the coffee lovers on your list. The gift ideas are limitless as you visit various ports of call!

Christmas Traditions

You don’t have to miss timeless Christmas traditions while at sea. Non-denominational services are usually offered and you can even sing carols around the tree before Christmas Dinner is served.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of the holiday with all your cruise ship is sure to offer. Beautiful wreaths, trees—large and small, will make your holiday festive and bright! And the best thing is you don’t have to take any of it down after the holidays!


We’re pretty certain that your Christmas cruise will be one of your family favorites for years to come. Children and grandchildren will remember the time they built sand castles on the beach on Christmas Eve.

Room Service

What a Christmas gift! Christmas breakfast in bed! You can order the perfect cup of coffee or order in pizza while you watch your favorite Christmas movie in your stateroom. Room service is the ultimate Christmas gift for the mom who does it all!

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