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Fine Dining on Oceania Cruises

The first Luxury Cruise Line that we will explore is Oceania Cruises.Their motto is Your World. Your Way. They truly deliver on that motto by living up to their Pillars of Distinction. The three pillars are 1) Small Ship Luxury, 2) Curated Travel Experience and 3) Exquisitely Prepared Cuisine. So how do they deliver on all of these?

Small Ship Luxury Oceania Cruises has three classes of ships. Their smallest ship is the Regatta Class. These ships hold 684 Passengers and 400 Staff. All the ships were refurbished between 2018 and 2022. These smaller ships provide passengers with Staterooms and Suites with beautiful décor. The Staterooms include Inside Cabins, Ocean View Cabins, and Verandas. Suites include the Penthouse Suite, the Vista Suite and the Owner’s Suite. The Suites are adorned in designer fabrics and furnishings echoing the serene seas and expansive skies, becoming calming and tranquil oases of quietude and relaxation.

The Oceania Class are medium sized ships that hold 1250 Passengers and 800 Staff. These ships were refurbished between 2019 and 2021. For those that have never cruised on a Luxury Cruise Line, they are a nice size to introduce you to the differences of a Luxury Ship. In addition to all the Stateroom and Suite types that can be found on the Regatta Class, the Oceania Class ships add the Oceania Suite. Oceania Suites offer everything you would expect in a five-star hotel, elevating nautical grandeur to new levels.

The new Allura Class ship will debut in 2023. This new ship will hold 1200 Passengers. One of the main differences is that the Allura Class staterooms all have Verandas. Plus, they will introduce Solo Veranda staterooms. These staterooms are exclusively for Solo Cruisers to enjoy. All the staterooms and suite provide space, which is perhaps the ultimate luxury, and that is something all the accommodations provide in lavish excess. Defined by their elegance, these staterooms feature tasteful furnishings and a serene ambiance. All staterooms also offer an oversized bathroom with a rainforest shower.

Curated Travel Experience Once you step onboard and Oceania Cruises ship, you will notice the beautiful Art Collection. Many of these pieces were commissioned for these ships. There are works by Picasso and Miro and many others. You can even take and Audio Tour which will showcase the artwork, just like you would in a museum

For onboard activities, you will find some special things that will set Oceania Cruises apart. The first is the Culinary Center. You can book a special session in the Center where you will learn to prepare some of the great cuisine that they make onboard. Then afterward, you can enjoy your meal in a special dining room that is reserved for only those that take the class. Next, is the Artist Loft. Take lessons from Artists and explore your own artistic talents. Learn new techniques and take home your own piece of art.

A major part of cruising is the Ports of Call that you visit. Oceania Cruises will visit many marquee and boutique ports of call that many other cruise lines are not able to visit because of the size of their ships. Many of the ports will have overnight stays and late evening departures, giving you more total hours in port. Oceania offers over 3000 tours and excursions, including their Go Local Program, which lets you learn more about your ports before you get there. Also, since these are smaller ships and they are going to ports that the big ships can’t visit, they allow you to explore without the crowds.

Oceania Cruises also offers Grand Voyages. These itineraries are 60+ days and allow you to explore different parts of the world. These Voyages are designed to allow you to learn more about the are you are visiting. Examples of these Voyages are trips to the Pacific Rim, or Southeast Asia. Also available are trip to Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. And if you are really adventurous, they have a 180-day cruise that will circle the globe. These cruises offer several overnight stops along the way so that you can truly experience these special ports of call.

Exquisitely Prepared Cuisine Oceania Cruises is known for having the finest cuisine at sea. From dozens of new flavorful dishes at The Grand Dining Room and Toscana to the addition of internationally inspired poke bowls at Waves Grill and a vastly expanded Sunday Brunch, this latest collection elevates and evolves their culinary program, making certain your experience will be better than ever. The new dishes reflect their chefs’ favorite experiences, from dishes they serve at Sunday family dinners to top emerging cuisines from around the globe that have inspired them. The sweeping new stable of recipes and enhancements showcases the creativity of chefs and the innovative ways they channel their passion into exciting and unique culinary experiences.

It’s the finest at sea because they select only the best ingredients and the most talented chefs from around the globe. From Castilla-La Mancha saffron to French flour custom-milled to their specifications, the artisanal ingredients echo the dedication poured into every dish. In galleys evoking those in Michelin-starred restaurants, the gifted chefs create absolute culinary masterpieces. Come aboard and savor cuisine renowned as the finest at sea.

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