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Explore Virgin Voyages

One of the newest Premium cruise lines is Virgin Voyages. They launched their first ship in the middle of the Pandemic, and the reviews have been outstanding. Virgin Voyages was started by Richard Branson, to change the things that he didn’t like about traditional cruise lines.

The ships have been designed from the hull up to be different. The cabins are unlike any on the seas, and passengers will have a very different experience while on board. They even changed what things are called. No longer are there Passengers, they are now Sailors. And Staff are now Crew. Travel Agents are First Mates, Shore Excursions are Shore Things, and Onboard Credit is Sailor Loot.

The new cruise line has decided to differentiate themselves from other Premium cruise lines. They are adult-Only and include other items that usually have an extra charge. Included in your fare are the following:

· All Food, including Specialty Restaurants

· Gratuities

· Wi-Fi

· Group Workouts in the gym

· Basic Beverages (including water, juices, and sodas)

· Entertainment

Virgin is also doing something very different with Alcoholic Drinks. Drinks onboard cost about the same as they would at your local bar. You can also buy a Bar Tab for getting your drinks. If you purchase your Bar Tab prior to your voyage, for every $300 spent, they will give you an extra $50. And this Bar Tab can be for 1 person, a Couple, or a group.

Virgin Voyages currently has one ship sailing in the Caribbean. The ship is named the Scarlet Lady and can carry 2770 Sailors and 1160 Crew. The ship has multiple cabin types: Insider, Sea View, Sea Terrace and Rockstar Quarters.

The Scarlet Lady is currently sailing in the Caribbean on 4- and 5-night voyages. It’s home port is Miami and all voyages make a stop at their private island in Bimini.

Coming this spring are two more ships to the fleet. They are the Resilient Lady and the Valiant Lady. They share the same design as the Scarlet Lady and will begin their voyages in the Mediterranean before moving to other parts of the world.

If you are interested in finding out more about these beautiful ships and the voyages they take, drop me a note or give me a call. I would love to help you determine if Virgin Voyages is right for you.

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