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Explore Holland America Cruise LIne

I hope you have been enjoying my recent series on upgrading to a VIP experience while cruising. I have been getting lots of good feedback on the articles and how the Premium and Luxury Cruise Lines offer more value for your Vacation dollars. If you have missed any of the series, you can catch up by reading my Blog at I have thoroughly enjoyed bringing this series to you and look forward to future articles that will include Luxury Cruise Line, Expedition Cruise Lines and River Cruise Lines. Make sure to message me if you have a specific line that you want me to discuss.

This week, we will be looking at Holland America Line (HAL). They are a Premium Cruise Line that has been around for 145 years. They currently have over 500 different itineraries that will stop in over 100 countries. They even have Grand Voyages that last between 24 and 128 days. That 128 day cruise is their World Voyage. It will circle the globe, leaving from Fort Lauderdale, visiting ports around the world before returning to Fort Lauderdale.

Holland America Line has ships that carry between 1700 and 2800 Passengers. The number of Crew is between 600 and 1100 per ship. Their current fleet was built between 1999 and 2021. These are newer ships that are considered midsize ships, having a nice mix between Cabin Space and Public Spaces.

The Cabins are of the following types:

· Inside Cabins: These cabins range from 143 to 225 square feet, that do not offer an outside view. They are very economical and provide for those on a limited budget.

· Ocean View Cabins: These cabins range from 175 to 282 square feet, that offer a window to view outside. They are typically a little larger that the Inside Cabins.

· Verandah: These cabins range from 228 – 250 square feet, offering a balcony with additional seating. Many passengers like the extra space and the ability to sit outside, enjoying the nice sea breeze.

· Suites: Holland America offers 4 different types of Suites, ranging from 260 to 502 square feet of space with additional luxuries, such as:

o Private Lounges

o Larger bathrooms

o In-Suite Coffee/Espresso machines

o Priority Check-in and Disembarkation

o Priority boarding for Tendered Ports

One of the things that separate Holland America from other Premium Cruise Lines is a program that they call Explorations Central (EXC). This program is designed to give local insights to the ports you will be visiting, special activities about the ports, cultural encounters, and making your journey more engaging and vivid. These all have the purpose of deepening your understanding of the places you are visiting while on your cruise.

Exploration Central is broken out into the following areas:

· EXC Talks – Get an insider’s perspective at these informative onboard talks. In select regions, EXC Talks feature multimedia presentations that bring each destination to life with captivating storytelling and expert commentary.

· EXC Culture - Start your immersion in a destination’s culture and history before you even step on shore, with help from local experts, artists and performers.

· EXC Nature - Study the natural world in all its beauty and complexity—from landscapes carved over millennia to animals that have made amazing adaptations to their environments.

· EXC Port To Table - Food is the gateway to understanding a culture. Delve into each region’s culinary traditions through onboard cooking demonstrations, and food and wine tastings

· EXC Photography - Learn to capture your most memorable travel moments with expert photography instruction and unique opportunities to use your newfound skills in port.

Holland America is one of the best Premium Lines to visit Alaska. It is one of their specialties and they have many cruises that visit Glacier Bay National Park, with privileged park access. They to cater to adults over 45, but they do have children’s programs, so it can be a great choice for Multi-Generational families wanting to travel together.

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