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  • How will I know which cruise line is right for me or my group?
    That is something we’ll figure out together! We’ll combine my cruising knowledge with your interests, budget, and needs to land on the best cruise line for you. For example, certain cruise lines work best for certain age groups—I know which lines typically appeal best to mature travelers, versus which appeal more to families. I begin with a complimentary consultation call so I can learn more about you, and then tailor your cruising experience.
  • When is the best time to book a cruise? Should I wait until the last minute to try and get a special rate?
    The best time to book a cruise is as early as possible. This will allow you to get the best cabins. Also, most Cruise Lines will allow you to 're-price' the Rate if the price drops before the Final Payment. So if the price goes up, you have the lower price. If the price goes down, you can request the lower price. So waiting until the last minute will result in getting a cabin that is noisy (over the Casino, Kitchen, or Theatre). Cruise Lines are now scheduling 1 to 2 years in advance of the Departure Date, so planning early can be the best choice.
  • Are you limited to only certain Cruise Lines?
    No. I work with many Cruise Lines, including some that most people have never heard of. This allows me to find the Cruise Line that is the best fit for you, your family, or your group.
  • Do all of your group trips have to leave the country?
    No. Your trips can be in or out of the USA. There are many opportunities to visit wonderful locations within a tighter budget within the USA. Or you can explore Europe, Asia, Australia, South America or many of the Caribbean or Pacific Islands.
  • How long should a group trip be?
    Most group trips work best as 7 to 10 days in length. This is the typical time that people can get off work. If your group is made up of Retirees, you might want to consider a longer trip of 14 to 21 days. This allows for more time at your destination while maximizing the travel budget.
  • On our last group trip, I worked with a travel agent to plan the trip, but I was left having to book travelers, collect money, and keep everyone informed. Will I have to do that again?
    Not if you use RWM Travel! I work with you to plan the trip, and then you promote it to your group. I do the rest of the work to keep everything organized so that you have a fantastic trip, and I’ll book all the travel for your entire group and keep everyone informed along the way.
  • My group’s interest is (Wine, Eating, Military History, Religious Architecture, Bird Watching, etc.). Can you help plan a trip for us to explore this passion?"
    Yes! I’ll need to work with you to find out what kinds of things you would want to do while on your trip, but then I will do the research to build an itinerary that you will love. Our Services page can outline more on this, please click here to view our Services.
  • Can you plan a trip for just a couple or two?
    Yes! I work with all types of travelers, from couples to families to large groups of friends or even association members. Whether you’re traveling with just two cruisers or 20+, I’ll make sure every element of your experience is tailored to your needs.
  • Do you plan trips besides cruises?
    Yes! In addition to ocean and river cruises, I often help my clients with all-inclusive resort stays, among other types of travel. If you have a specific travel experience in mind, please reach out and I’ll let you know if it is something I can assist you with (or if I know a fellow travel advisor who can help).
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