How I Plan Your Stress-Free Group Trip


Step 1:

Let’s Connect — A fabulous group trip is one that truly reflects your group’s unique personality and distinct interests. That’s why the first step is to get together with you, either in person or over Skype, to learn more about the trip you’re envisioning. Where do you want to go, and when? What do you hope your group gets out of this trip? Let’s talk dreams first, and then I’ll figure out how to make it a reality.


Step 2:

Design Time — Your trip begins to take shape as I design several preliminary itineraries for you. We’ll meet again to iron out the details and decide on a final itinerary that totally knocks your socks off — and comes in within budget.


Step 3:

Get the Group on Board — Now it’s time to fill your trip! If you’re within the greater Kansas City area, I can host a “travel night” with your group to provide more details and start to sign folks up. If you’re outside that area, I’ll provide you with wanderlust-inducing materials (like beautiful brochures) and all the travel details you need to promote your trip.


Step 4:

Time to Book — Once you’ve filled your group trip, you get to relax while I take care of all the logistics. That means booking flights, hotels, transfers, and more for all your travelers, plus keeping in touch so lines of communication remain clear (no more late night emails asking, “so when does our flight get in???” — they can now email me!). I can even design special pre- and post-stays for individual members who want to explore destinations in more depth.


Step 5:

Have a Blast, Together — Time for take off! While you and your group are traveling, you can rest easy knowing I’m just a phone call or email away, ready to help with any travel hiccups (hey, they happen). For an even greater level of support, we can discuss having me escort your group to deal with logistics on the ground.  


Ready to discover how you can build bonds and fuel passions on your own group travel adventure? Let’s connect and talk travel on a complimentary consultation call or in-person meeting.