You have two goals for your group trip:


  1. To delve deep into your passions and develop your skills in spectacular surroundings.

  2. To bring your group together on a bond-building adventure, one that turns fellow enthusiasts into life-long friends.


Those are lofty — but achievable! — goals, to be sure.


They become a heck of a lot harder to achieve, though, if you have to focus on crazy complicated trip logistics, like … how to get 20 people (and 40 bags!) from Berlin to Vienna in time for the 8 o’clock staging of The Nutcracker.


Or … what to do when your flight gets cancelled at the last minute, and you have a handful of hangry (that’s hungry + angry) travelers to face.


So, what do you do?


If you’ve planned the trip yourself, you spend hours on the phone with the airlines, hours pouring over maps and complicated train timetables, and hours away from your fellow group members.


If you’ve worked with RWM Travel, you simply pick up the phone and call me — and presto, your group trip becomes smooth sailing once again.


My job? To make the hard stuff easy, so you can focus on the fun — and totally life-changing — stuff: Bringing your group together to learn, grow, and be inspired like never before.


That’s the power of group travel made easy.