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What do swing dancing, saxophone playing, and computer programming have in common?


I consider all three to be my major hobbies — or better yet, my passions.


Okay, that last one was more “profession” than “passion.” I was a computer programmer and project manager for 27 years before I turned into a travel pro. Which means you can absolutely trust me to program (and then manage!) a perfectly planned itinerary!


But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from building a life around my passions, it’s this: 


From playing saxophone in my church’s band to swing dancing across the state with my wife, I know that delving deep into one’s passions is way more rewarding when you share them with others.


I know that traveling together is the BEST way to explore your passions. 


But I also know that it’s hard to fit your group’s unique passions into a cookie-cutter tour package (unless your passion IS cookie cutters … but I doubt that’s the case!).


Which is why I’m proud to add planning passion-fueled group travel to my own list of passions.


My promise to you? To create a travel experience for your group that speaks to your needs, your sense of adventure, and — above all else — your PASSIONS. Not anyone else’s.


And, of course, I take all the planning off your plate, so you get to experience the group trip as it’s meant to be: Free of stress and full of moments joy, shared together.


Ready to start planning your own custom group adventure? Let’s connect on a complimentary consultation call — simply fill out the short contact form and I’ll reach out to schedule our chat!


Can’t wait to connect — and learn more about your passions,



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Randy Motley

Travel Advisor


Owner of RWM Travel



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